Early Intervention

Summary of Services


  • Age range: 18 months – 5 years, 11 months
  • Hours range: 25-40 hours per week
  • Duration of services: up to 2 years
  • Location of services: in home
  • Areas served: Sacramento and surrounding regions (see ‘Services’ page for more information)


Comprehensive Services (Birth to 6 years)


‘Comprehensive services’ is a term widely adopted by insurance providers, and refers to service delivery models that are both early and intensive (i.e., addressing all areas of deficit and excess across developmental domains such as, communication, cognition, adaptive and social skills, etc.).

Thus, our Comprehensive Behavioral Treatment Programs are designed to provide intensive services to patients with developmental disabilities aged 18 months to five years, 11 months to address areas of deficit and excess across all developmental domains (e.g., communication, cognitive, adaptive, motor, social emotional, and maladaptive behavior). Services are typically recommended for 25 – 40 hours per week; the number of hours received is dependent upon the patient’s availability and need for services. The program can last up to two years, with the end goal being that the patient can transition into the least restrictive environment possible, access a sufficient educational benefit, and increase the patient’s overall functioning in the home and community.

Comprehensive services are typically delivered in alignment with our EIBTT program model, and thus structured very similarly.


Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment and Training (EIBTT) Program


There is an extensive body of literature showing that early and intensive behavior analytic intervention is the most effective treatment for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Children who receive intensive behavioral intervention at an early age are more likely to become indistinguishable from their peers and fully integrate into the community at large than children who begin intervention at a later age or who do not receive intensive behavior analytic intervention.

Our EIBTT program is designed for clients between the ages of 18 months to 5 years, 11 months who have a diagnosis of ASD. Depending upon the age of the client and their ability to handle an intensive program, 1:1 intervention can be recommended for up to 40 hours per week, and typically no less than 25 hours per week. Programming occurs in the home setting or a combination of the home and school environments. Prior to the start of program, a comprehensive assessment is completed and a report is generated, which outlines the client’s current level of functioning across a range of areas and discusses behavior excesses. Goals are included that target identified skills deficit and behavior excesses, and recommendations for program hours are made.





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