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Within our agency, collaboration is required across multiple departments. Staff comprising teams make up each department, and each individual staff member brings their own unique skill set to bear upon his or her responsibilities. Additionally, H.O.P.E./Maverick places a high premium on the ongoing support and training of all our team members.

Our Administrative Team is comprised of our Scheduler & Materials Coordinator, our Office Administrator, our Project Coordinator, and our Human Resources Coordinator. Individuals assigned to these positions work in very close collaboration with both our Program Director and our Founder/C.E.O. and interface with our Clinical Team.

Our Clinical Team is composed of our Behavior Consultants, Senior Behavior Consultants, Behavior Analysts, and our Program Director. Staff at these levels have specific and extensive education and training in behavior analysis, and are responsible for the delivery and oversight of all our clients’ programs. Additionally, Behavior Consultants and Senior Behavior Consultants are tasked with the ongoing training and management of our Senior Therapists, who deliver both initial and ongoing training to all our front-line staff (i.e., Therapists). Our Behavior Analysts are responsible for aiding the Program Director in ongoing research endeavors, cross-consultation, and general quality assurance as related to our clinical programming. Staff within this team are supervised directly by the Program Director and Founder/C.E.O.

Our team of Senior Therapists is comprised of staff who have accrued much experience working with many of our clients, and have demonstrated an exemplary level of proficiency with the daily requirements of service delivery as front-line staff. Individuals fulfilling the role of Senior Therapist are responsible for training and supporting our Therapist level staff members, as well as ensuring programming recommendations delineated by our consultants are implemented with a high degree of fidelity to ensure quality intervention services.

For more information about our specific team members, assigned across departments, please visit our pages designated for these purposes.




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