Our Approach


As an agency that provides ABA, we adhere closely to what is shown to be effective and scientifically proven. This means that as the science underlying our practice develops, we are also constantly in the process of updating our treatment strategies to incorporate current research. This helps ensure that all the services we provide are the most effective possible.


Every client’s program begins with an extensive assessment to identify individual strengths and deficits across developmental domains (e.g., communication, social-emotional, cognitive, play, physical development, adaptive behavior, and problem behavior). Detailed goals are developed in alignment with best practice and current behavior analytic research and literature, and recommendations are written regarding the appropriateness and intensity of behavior analytic services. Assessment allows for services to be individually tailored, meeting the unique needs of each client and family.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence based intervention that focuses on the following skills teaching areas:


  • Communication and Language Building
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Play and Social Skills
  • Self-Help and Adaptive Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Community and Safety Skills
  • Reduction of Behavior Excesses
  • School Support and Staff Training
  • Parent Training and Support


Most of our services are provided in an in-home setting. In general, a clinical team is comprised of two supervisory level staff: a Senior Behavior Consultant and a Behavior Consultant. All clinical team members are supervised and supported by master’s level staff with a national credential (i.e., BCBA) conferred by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. Additionally, teams often include a designated trainer: a Senior Therapist. Together, the Senior Behavior Consultant, Behavior Consultant, and Senior Therapist manage and oversee a team of approximately 2-3 Therapists. For additional information regarding team member responsibilities, please see our ‘Careers’ page.


We offer different service delivery models to fulfill the individual needs of each of our clients and families. Additional information on each specific service delivery model is provided on our website and can be located on the ‘Early Intervention,’ ‘Daily Living & Functional Skills Training,’ ‘Parent Training,’ ‘School District Services,’ ‘Social Skills Training Program,’ and ‘Residential Services’ pages. If you have further questions, please call the office for a more detailed description of any of our programs.


We typically provide services throughout Sacramento and the greater surrounding areas, spanning from Elk Grove to Lincoln, and Sacramento to Folsom. If you have any questions about services in a different region, or would like to know whether we provide services in your region, please contact our offices.




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