Parent Training

Summary of Services


  • Age range: 18 months – 5 years, 11 months
  • Hours range: 10-15 hours per month
  • Duration of services: up to 1 year
  • Locations of services: in home, community settings
  • Areas served: Sacramento and surrounding regions (see ‘Services’ page for more information)


EXCEL Parent Training Program


This program focuses on providing parents individualized consultation and hands-on training to assist them in teaching their child.

The EXCEL Parent Training Program is appropriate for any family who would like to increase the effectiveness of their interactions. Consultation focuses on development of skills and the reduction of behaviors that interfere with everyday functioning in order to promote increased independence and generalization into natural settings (e.g., community outings).

In this program, a parent assessment of behavior analytic intervention is also utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of consultation services. This tool helps guide services to ensure parents gain the skills necessary to address any areas of concern. Upon completion of an assessment, specific goals for the parents/caregivers and client are proposed. Consultation occurs with a clinical team member (i.e., Behavior Consultant and/or Senior Behavior Consultant), through the use of a trainer-to-trainer model. During this time, the clinical team member will model implementation of behavior analytic principles while working directly with the parents/caregivers and client. The parent/caregiver is then asked to work with their child throughout the week, implementing the principles and techniques modeled during consultation. Typically, between 10-15 hours per month of services are provided. The ultimate goal of this service delivery model is to equip parents/caregivers with the skills required to effectively identify skills deficits and develop teaching plans, as well as to accurately identify behavior excesses, their possible function(s), and develop function-based intervention plans. The skills parents/caregivers learn in this type of program are designed to assist them throughout their lives, and are applicable to all settings and environments.




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