Daily Living & Functional Skills Training

Summary of Services


  • Age range: 4 years – 12 years
  • Hours range: 10-25 hours per week
  • Duration of services: up to 2 years
  • Locations of services: in home, community settings (limited)
  • Areas served: Sacramento and surrounding regions (see ‘Services’ page for more information)


Focalized Services


‘Focalized services’ is a term widely adopted by insurance providers, and refers to service delivery models that are provided later on in an individual’s life and are less intensive than early intervention program models. These types of services typically have a more restricted focus, targeting skills teaching with respect to adaptive and social skills, increased independence, the reduction of interfering behaviors, etc. and include a heavy emphasis on parent/caregiver training and implementation.

Thus, our Focalized Behavioral Treatment Programs are designed to provide support to clients and their families by increasing the client’s overall level of functioning and independence within the home and community settings. Clients participating in this program are generally between the ages of four and 12 years old, and the duration of services can vary from nine months to two years prior to transition to a lesser intensive treatment model or termination of services. Services are typically recommended for 10-25 hours per week; the number of hours received is dependent upon the client’s availability and need for services. Because this program is designed to allow clients to participate more independently within the natural environment, it is essential that concepts addressed within the program also be maintained by the family, requiring active an ongoing involvement.


Part of the Family (POTF) Program (4 to 12 years)


Individuals diagnosed with ASD often display difficulty in structuring their free time appropriately, interacting with family members, communicating in a way in which they are able to get their wants and needs met across various people and settings, and independently completing daily routines and tasks. The net result is often isolation from family members and the social community, as well as frustration related to ineffective interaction and communication.

The POTF program is designed to meet the functional, daily living, and behavioral needs of clients diagnosed with ASD or a related diagnosis. This program is appropriate for school-aged children between the ages of 4-12 who display difficulties in independently completing functional skills within the home and community settings. By promoting independence within the home and community environments through systematic 1:1 teaching utilizing behavior analytic principles, and emphasizing active and ongoing parent participation, our clients learn to interact with family members more appropriately, as well as engage in daily routines with increased independence.




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