Our Clinical Team

Program Director


Danielle LaFrance, M.S., BCBA
Doctorate in Progress – Endicott College – Institute for Behavioral Studies
Employee since July 2012
Developed the Internship Program in 2012


Ms. LaFrance began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in 2001, when she began providing services to children diagnosed with developmental disabilities in home. She has since provided services to a broad range of individuals of different ages with varied diagnoses, in Canada, the United States, and through pro bono consultation in Brazil. She is passionate about providing the highest quality of services to our clients and strives to accomplish this by ensuring the use of evidence-based procedures in practice. She provides ongoing training, professional development, support, and oversight to all of our clinical team members and interns. She is deeply committed to the science of behavior analysis and has demonstrated this through her various research and scholarly activities, which include active attendance and presentations at professional conferences, participation in the peer-review process and publication, service to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, and most recently, enrollment in a doctorate program in behavior analysis.


Behavior Analyst


Charisse Lantaya, M.A., BCBA
Employee since January 2013


Ms. Lantaya began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis as an in-home behavior therapist for young children with Autism in 2007. Since then, she has dedicated herself to expanding her knowledge of behavior analysis to better serve our clients and their families. She recently completed her master’s degree in behavior analysis at the California State University, Sacramento and she continually strives to ensure high-quality programming via her contact with the scientific literature and active attendance to professional conferences. Her main areas of interest include equivalence-based instruction and verbal behavior.


Senior Behavior Consultants


Careen Meyer, M.A., BCBA
Employee since February 2013


Ms. Meyer got her start in the field as an in-home therapist in 2006. In 2012, she began to participate in the Verbal Behavior Research Laboratory at California State University, Sacramento as a research assistant and project manager. She quickly fell in love with the science of behavior analysis and went on to complete a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis at the bachelor’s level in 2013. She also completed her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the same institution in 2017. Ms. Meyer is passionate about the application of scientific principles to socially significant issues, and most enjoys the balance between academic and humanistic endeavors.


Jacquelyn Donahue, M.Ed.
Employee since March 2007


Mrs. Donahue obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the California State University, Sacramento, where she met a professor who pointed her towards her career path in behavior analysis. While Mrs. Donahue has a long record of providing support to young, elementary-school-aged populations, she developed a passion for the field of behavior analysis through her work experiences and contact with the positive outcomes that can be achieved. In her pursuit of excellence, Mrs. Donahue also recently graduated with her master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Arizona State University.


Robyn Coffey, M.S., BCBA
Employee since June 2015


Before getting her start in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2012, Mrs. Coffey was a middle school teacher (6th-8th grade) at a private school. In 2012, her sister-in-law introduced her to the field, and she subsequently began providing 1:1 direct services to children diagnosed with Autism in home. She has since worked with individuals ranging between the ages of two years to young adulthood, and in 2014, she obtained a master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. In 2015, she sat for the national certification examination is now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Mrs. Coffey has a passion for providing evidence-based interventions, learning about new research related to verbal behavior and stereotypy, and teaching new skills to the other team members she works with at our agency.


Behavior Consultants


Catherine Copsey, M.A., BCBA
Employee since January 2015


Ms. Copsey received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and Child Development from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) in Spring 2015. During her undergraduate career, she worked as an in-home behavior therapist and interned at a social skills group for older children diagnosed with Autism. In Fall 2018, Ms. Copsey completed her M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis at CSUS, under the advisement of Dr. Megan Heinicke. In her time with HOPE Consulting, LLC she has held the positions of Therapist,
Senior Therapist, and now, Behavior Consultant. Ms. Copsey seeks to learn all that she can from her supervisors to continue honing her clinical skills, and enjoys providing guidance and support to those she supervises.


Christina Montes, M.A.
Employee since


Bio coming soon!


Jocelyn Diaz, M.A., BCBA
Employee since August 2015


Bio coming soon!


Karina Zhelezoglo, M.A.
Employee since


Bio coming soon!


Kimberly Mabanta (nee Magat), M.A., BCBA
Employee since February 2015


Mrs. Mabanta received her bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sacramento in 2014, where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Child Development, and obtained a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. During her undergraduate career, she began working with individuals with developmental disabilities in a social setting. Her passion for this work lead her to seek a position as a Therapist in home, to help broaden her skills and expand her work experience across age groups. Her dedication to her clients and the field of behavior analysis have helped her excel in her positions as both Therapist and Senior Therapist at our agency, and she was recently promoted to the position of Behavior Consultant. Most recently, Mrs. Mabanta also obtained her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from California State University, Sacramento, under the advisement of Dr. Megan Heinicke. She completed our agency’s Internship Program, accruing all the required supervision hours needed to sit for the national
certification examination, and recently obtained her certification at the master’s level (i.e., BCBA). She strives to continue furthering her skill set and is committed to  making an impact in the field.


Tim Howland, M.A., BCBA
Employee since October 2013


Mr. Howland began taking coursework in behavior analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) in 2007. In 2009, he became an in-home therapist in the UNR Early Childhood Autism Program under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Ghezzi. During this time (2009-2012) Mr. Howland also worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Laboratory for Contextual Behavior Science under the supervision of Dr. Steven Hayes, and on the Functional Analytic Research Team under the supervision of Dr. William Follette where he researched clinical applications of behavior analysis (e.g., Acceptence and Committment Therapy; ACT and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy; FAP) with adolescent and adult populations. In 2017, Mr. Howland earned a masters degree in applied behavior analysis from the California State University, Sacramento under the supervision of Dr. Caio Miguel in the Verbal Behavior Research Laboratory. He has since also obtained the national certification (BCBA). Mr. Howland draws upon his broad research and clinical background to provide services to all his clients, and enjoys applying theory to practice to develop sound treatment plans firmly rooted in the science of behavior.


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