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Clinical Directors


Charisse Lantaya, M.A., BCBA
Employee since January 2013

Ms. Lantaya began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis as an in-home behavior therapist for young children with Autism in 2007. Since then, she has dedicated herself to expanding her knowledge of behavior analysis to better serve our clients and their families. She completed her master’s degree in behavior analysis at the California State University, Sacramento and she continually strives to ensure high-quality programming via her contact with the scientific literature and active attendance to professional conferences. Her main areas of interest include equivalence-based instruction and verbal behavior.


Jacquelyn Donahue, M.Ed., BCBA
Employee since March 2007

Mrs. Donahue obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the California State University, Sacramento, where she met a professor who pointed her towards her career path in behavior analysis. While Mrs. Donahue has a long record of providing support to young, elementary-school-aged populations, she developed a passion for the field of behavior analysis through her work experiences and contact with the positive outcomes that can be achieved. In her pursuit of excellence, Mrs. Donahue graduated with her master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Arizona State University.


Behavior and Senior Behavior Consultants


Christina Montes, M.A., BCBA
Employee since June 2015

Ms. Montes earned two bachelor’s degrees from California State University, Sacramento in 2015. She majored in both Communication Studies and Psychology, with a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. During her time as an undergraduate student, she began working with adolescents diagnosed with developmental disabilities in a center-based social skills program. Passionate about expanding her skills as a clinician, she began providing in-home services as a Therapist with H.O.P.E. Consulting, LLC and was later promoted to the position of Senior Therapist. While pursuing her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at California State University, Sacramento, Ms. Montes completed the requirements of the agency’s Internship Program and was promoted to the position of Behavior Consultant. She obtained her national BCBA certification after receiving her master’s degree in 2019. She demonstrates her commitment to ABA by continuing her work as a Behavior Consultant while also teaching a class at California State University, Sacramento. Ms. Montes is dedicated to supporting families and team members to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients.


Danielle Geierman, M.A., BCBA
Employee since June 2015

Bio coming soon!


Jason Church, M.A. in Progress
Employee since February 2016

Bio coming soon!


Karina Zhelezoglo, M.A., BCBA
Employee since July 2015

Ms. Zhelezoglo got her start in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in 2013, when she began providing in-home services as a Therapist to children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Based on her excellent performance, she was promoted to the position of Senior Therapist, and more recently, to the position of Behavior Consultant. Over the last several years, she also completed the Internship Program at H.O.P.E. Consulting, LLC and her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at California State University, Sacramento, fulfilling all the requirements to take the national board certification examination. She is passionate about providing evidence-based treatment to her clients, incorporating the latest research findings to maximize their outcomes, and continuing to expand her knowledge in all aspects of behavior.


Ryley Acrea, M.A., BCBA
Employee since December 2021

While completing her psychology undergrad degree at California State University, Sacramento, Ryley stumbled upon Applied Behavior Analysis, and completely fell in love. After receiving her psychology degree with an emphasis in ABA in 2019, she went on to pursue her Master’s in ABA at University of the Pacific. At UOP, she learned how the basic ABA principles can be applied to just about anything, such as increasing physical activity. She continues to strive to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable behavior analyst by contacting the literature, in order to provide high quality treatment to my clients. She is also passionate about the dissemination of ABA and how the basic principles can be applied to everyday life.


Vanessa Lee, M.A. in progress
Employee since May 2019

Ms. Lee entered the field of behavior analysis in 2018 when she took her first behavior-analytic course at California State University, Sacramento. From there, she merged her love for behavior analysis with her desire to help people and began working with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. At H.O.P.E., Ms. Lee worked to strengthen her clinical skill set and completed the agency’s Internship Program requirements. Soon after, she was promoted to the Senior Therapist position, and more recently, the Behavior Consultant role. Ms. Lee is currently earning her Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge of behavior analysis and providing high-quality treatment for the betterment of her clients’ lives.


Yamilthl Ruiz Flores, B.A., BCaBA
Employee since November 2014

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