Our Administrative Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)


Dawn Montgomery, Ph.D., BCBA
Founded H.O.P.E. Consulting, LLC in 2004
Founded Maverick Education and Behavioral Solutions, LLC in 2012


Mrs. Montgomery has been working in the field of applied behavior analysis since 1995, when she began assisting children diagnosed with Autism in non-public schools. She has worked with individuals of all ages developing, implementing, and supervising behavior analytic programs. Through her experiences, she has developed a passion for the field, and has made a commitment to improving the lives of our clients her lifelong goal. Mrs. Montgomery has established all of our current service delivery models, and continually looks for ways to provide services to underserved populations, such as in our Adolescent and Adult Services program.


Office Administrator


Mona Mazza
Employee since October 2005


Ms. Mazza began working in programs providing services to children with special needs in 1991. She quickly learned that the area in which she could make the most positive impact consisted of administration and management. She truly enjoys working with our clients’ families to identify appropriate services and collaborating with our multiple professional contacts such as regional center service coordinators and insurance representatives. She is passionate about ensuring that each and every one of our clients has the best possible experience and contributes to these efforts in multiple ways. Ms. Mazza has been instrumental in furthering our program development, as well as in establishing contracts with our funding sources.


Human Resources Coordinator


Blanca Espinoza
Employee since November 2017


Blanca has been in the ABA field for 3 years and has a long 12 year history in Human Resources. She studied at University of Phoenix where she attained a Bachelor’s focused in Business Administration, Management, and Operations, a Minor in Psychology, and an Associate’s in Human Assistance. Through her history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry, Blanca gained skills in coaching, team building, counseling, and public speaking. Her passion for ABA was sparked from being a foster parent for 10 years. Working with those kids lead her to want to learn more about the field. Her passion for helping others, building people up, and guiding our kids to have a better future shines through in her everyday work. As HR Coordinator, Blanca is driven by helping others create proper procedures so that we may all do a better job and focus on the big picture: helping kids. She loves creating a fun work environment where everyone feels heard and enjoys to come to work every day.


Project Coordinator


Tim Frost
Employee since September 2017


Tim has been in the ABA field since he started with H.O.P.E. in September of 2017. He began his experience by working on Training teams and Learning & Development teams since 2014 in various fields of work: sales, grocery, security, and non-profit organizations. In the ABA field, Tim finds a passion for creating a fun and impressionable work environment. With a history in behavioral management at the organizational level, he found H.O.P.E. with interest to learn about behavioral analysis at the private healthcare level. He is passionate about helping others enjoy where they work including others in the fun and excitement of whatever is going on. Tim graduated from CSU, East Bay with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology with a focus in work environment management. He loves working with people and seeing them grow and develop within the company. Tim applies his skills into a variety of different projects in the office such as RBT coordination, event coordination, technical support, and employee engagement.


Scheduler & Materials Coordinator


Keli Anderson
Employee since April 2017


Ms. Anderson attended 2 years at Sierra College and got her start working at the administrative level in the 1990’s. During her eight years with that company, she fulfilled the role of dispatcher in a large local chain of grocery stores, and eventually moved into an Administrative Assistant position in the main office of a certain department. She continued to hone this skill set when she took an Administrative Assistant position with an insurance agency. She is a dedicated mother to her 7 year old boy, who continually keeps her on her toes, and she has been a key player in the ongoing management of our agency’s client and staff schedules, as well as in supporting the administrative team in the completion of a variety of other important tasks.



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