We are Committed to Our Science


H.O.P.E Consulting, LLC/Maverick Education & Behavioral Solutions, LLC prides itself in providing the most current, empirically-based treatment to our clients. As an ongoing part of our efforts to remain current with the ever-changing and growing body of behavior analytic literature, our team members are encouraged not only to remain current with the literature by referencing peer-reviewed journal articles to develop interventions, but also to take an active role in several scholarly activities, which include: pursuing further education and training, pursuing national certification, attendance to professional conferences, and involvement in research. The ‘Awards & Recognition’ and ‘Research & Scholarly Activities’ tabs in this page’s drop-down menu provide a¬†summary of some of the past and current activities our team members (names indicated in bold) have been involved with, whether within our agency alone or in collaboration with other professionals, as well as a list of awards bestowed upon them in recognition of their contributions to the field of behavior analysis.



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